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New VisionFH Website. What do you Think?

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

This website was created by FH residents for anyone who works, lives and plays in the town of Fountain Hills. It will be full of new ideas and projects to support the community engagement efforts for Fountain Hills. A new survey and website are two of the items at the top of that list.

The VisionFH team is a small but capable team and their creative and technical skills have been unleashed on the new VisionFH website. We hope you like it and we'd really like to know what you think about it. Is it easy to find what you're looking for? What else would make it even better? Use the link at the bottom of this article to let us know!

The main goal of the new site is to be a central meeting place where Fountain Hills residents and business owners can participate in projects that interest them. Some activities are already in motion or others are in the planning stages for a future release. All of the content is intended to work together to keep residents and workers INFORMED about things that are important to their quality of life in Fountain Hills, encourage them to get INVOLVED by providing perspective and feedback and maybe even joining the team (more about this below) and ultimately, IMPACT Fountain Hills by providing the collected information to stakeholders in the town who can use it for positive change.


Soon this website will be the gateway where residents can access and participate in the the 2020 Satisfaction Survey. This will be immediately followed by focused efforts to organize and present the results in a meaningful fashion. VisionFH is also planning to create short videos to facilitate the Inform aspect of our charter, some fun "Fact or Fiction" tidbits about Fountain Hills, periodic informal polls to take the pulse of residents and business owners on specific topics and much more. We will only be limited by the energy of the people on the team.

Which takes us back to that "Involve" thingy...

Have you considered volunteering some of your time and talent to a truly worthy cause? If so, consider VisionFH. The only requirement is that you genuinely care for Fountain Hills and agree with the principle that getting residents and business owners engaged is a fundamentally sound approach to generating input that can fuel the genesis of good things in our town.

How can we improve our website?

Click "Contact" in the main navigation bar and submit your suggestions. Thanks!

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