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Survey Results 2016

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

WOW! Nearly 2,000 respondents filled out the VisionFH 2016 survey!

That's more than double the amount of any other survey in the history of Fountain Hills! We feel the reason is because of its foundation, focusing on the core elements of sustainability and quality of life for our community. Here's a snapshot of the strategic priorities and results...

▪️ Residents rank-ordered the importance of the following strategic priorities. First and second rankings by participants shown below:

  1. Invest in the Town's Long Term Economic Growth - 966 participants

  2. Attract More Families and Working Professionals as Full Time Residents - 797 participants

  3. Expand Enrollment and Quality of the Fountain Hills School District - 761 participants

  4. Ensure Maintenance of the Town's Infrastructure - 656 participants

  5. Preserve the Financial Sustainability of Town Services - 550 participants

▪️ 94.2% of participants responded that Fountain Hills should be a residential community with a diverse compliment of families, seniors, and businesses

▪️ 92.7% of participants agreed with the Town's 2014 Economic Development Plan that states"business growth is critical to creating community wealth."

▪️ 84% of participants are concerned with the declining local school enrollment.

Click here for the Summary Survey Results.  

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